Ferrer worldwide

Ferrer’s process of international consolidation now extends to a presence in more than 110 countries, including 19 international subsidiaries and joint ventures. Our products are improving the quality of life of millions of people across five continents.

Our solid base in Europe and across the Americas has been augmented by steady growth in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The key to this expansion has been a commitment to establishing and developing long-term partnerships and strategic alliances. Organic growth has been matched by a series of targeted international acquisitions.

We have a multinational team with the knowhow to establish and build solid commercial ventures worldwide; it is thanks to our expertise in local circumstances that Ferrer has gone global. Our success lies in an awareness of each county’s individuality, the flexibility to adapt to it and the experience to work with it.

International business is now more than 50% of Ferrer's total turnover. A central pillar is our effective management of Regulatory Affairs, with more than 1100 actives registrations worldwide.

Ferrer: at the cutting edge, across the healthcare spectrum, all over the world

Pharmaceutical sales

Ferrer HealthTech sales


We are committed to bringing the very best products onto the market and selling them worldwide so that they reach those who need them most.


Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies in our strategic therapeutic areas.