Innovation, collaboration and enterprise

Ferrer is an innovative pharmaceutical and chemical company. We discover, develop, manufacture and market innovative products to advance the wellbeing of society.

Innovation informs everything we do: answering unmet medical needs, improving our patients’ quality of life, ensuring the highest level of care in our fields of therapeutic expertise.

For Ferrer, innovation is collaborative. We are proactive in establishing strategic alliances with hospitals, biotech companies, public research bodies, academic institutions and other pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Only by building partnerships, sharing our knowhow and exploring synergies can we advance scientific research and meet the increasing challenges involved in developing new treatments.

Across our many R&D facilities, our expertise encompasses the discovery and development of active medicinal substances, diagnostics, new pharmaceutical forms, drug re-profiling, cell therapy, personalized medicine, new therapeutic targets, vaccines, galenic formulations, food and feed additives and optimized industrial processes.