A commitment to partnering

Our mission is to advance the wellbeing of society. As such, partnering is critical to Ferrer. We want to ensure that our own products reach those who need them, no matter where they are. And we are continually looking to introduce innovative, effective and life-changing treatments to the markets in which we operate.

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies in our strategic therapeutic areas. We prioritise win-win opportunities, in which Ferrer actively contributes to the achievements of our partners’ goals by establishing fair and effective alliances.

Our R&D and commercial expertise means we can offer value in all areas: development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, distribution, marketing and sales.

What we offer our partners

And what our partners value in Ferrer

  • Credibility, creativity, flexibility and speed
  • High-level corporate backing of every single project
  • Specialised knowledge of multiple markets
  • Extensive international structure
  • Key position in major markets
  • Wide expertise in licensing in and out
  • Solid development capabilities
  • Proven success