Ferrer inCode: Leading diagnostics

Ferrer is committed to advancing wellbeing through innovation in state-of-the-art technology and products. Ferrer inCode offers healthcare professionals a range of services in order to make informed decisions regarding the prevention, diagnosis and prognosis of serious diseases. The result: more personalized treatment.

We believe that genetic information is crucial to making good medical decisions. These decisions can help improve the quality of life of patients suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Turning research into results

Since 2007, Ferrer inCode has established an impressive track record in creating effective healthcare applications from cutting-edge science. This is combined with the highest technical quality standards and rigorous clinical validation, including research published in leading, peer-reviewed medical journals. We have repeatedly converted our own research and innovation into a range of proven tools for medical professionals.

The services offered by Ferrer inCode are based on genomic and proteomic technology, turning the latest advances in molecular biology and personalized medicine into a range of genetic tests accessible to all.

These advances benefit the patient, the doctor and the healthcare system. Prevention is essential for people with a genetic predisposition to a chronic illness. Those already suffering benefit from personalized and optimized treatment. Diseases are heterogeneous so every patient must be treated individually.

Focussing on prevention, improving diagnosis and matching the treatment to the patient also ensure the best possible use of healthcare resources.

Ferrer inCode

Molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine


We are committed to launching the best products on the market and selling them around the world to reach those who need them most.