What we do

Medicines that improve patients’ quality of life. Treatments aimed at unmet medical needs. High added-value products for orphan and life-threatening diseases. Medicines that make a difference. These are at the very heart of what Ferrer does.

Focussed expertise

Our business and our knowhow is in providing solutions for healthcare professionals, improving clinical practice and treating a wide range of pathologies. This expertise extends across a wide range of medical contexts, including primary care, hospitals, intensive medicine, pharmacies, clinical specialists, diagnostics, medical devices and rare diseases. With more than 50 years’ wide-ranging experience, Ferrer has a proven record in making clear improvements in the health and quality of life of millions.

Today’s medicine is increasingly specialized and individualized, tailoring the treatment to the patient. Ferrer’s size, versatility and focus are perfectly suited both to delivering drugs that can help millions and providing highly-specialized treatments needed by just a handful of patients across the world.

Treatments with real benefits

Ferrer’s greatest expertise lies in the fields of cardiology, the central nervous system, dermatology, gastroenterology, metabolism, oncology, the musculoskeletal system, paediatrics, pain management and the respiratory system. We continually strive to ensure that our range of products offer real benefits in these rapidly changing environments.

Within these fields, we have experience in providing complicated products, in terms of handling and access to patients, for the treatment and diagnosis of pathologies which require innovative new treatments of high added value.

In Ferrer, we work alongside patients and doctors to ensure that these treatments get to those who need them most.

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We are committed to launching the best products on the market and selling them around the world to reach those who need them most.